La Petite Clementine is a boutique stationery company that has been inspired by the French countryside.  The flowers in each collection are associated with five regions in France: Provence, Parisienne, the French Riviera, Loire, and the French Alps.  Originally painted in watercolors, these flowers were then later transposed on to elegant white stationery.

These designs were created with the intent of capturing a particular experience in mind, that of taking in the essence of the French countryside through all of our senses.  Whether walking in Provence, for example, and capturing the aroma of the fragrant lavender which will later be used for a delicious recipe, or taking a stroll within the Parisienne countryside and being visually overwhelmed by the beauty of the bright pink blossoms.  On a crisp fall day, one can take a leisurely bicycle ride along the Loire river and hear the reed grass quietly ruffle in the breeze.  During the winter, perhaps, when in the French Alps, it is often the perfect time to admire the crocus and willow on route to your favorite ski destination.  Or when relaxing on a boat in the Mediterranean, it certainly cannot be complete without being mesmerized by the flourishing roses along the French Riviera coastline.  All of these experiences very gently enliven the soul.  And all of these flowers, amongst others, are an undeniable part of the French experience, as many have observed for centuries before us.   

From all of us at La Petite Clementine, enjoy!  And when you have a moment, please take some time to share a written note with somebody special.